Be assured of genuine Listerine by purchasing an class original package. In acute bronchitis it seems to be particularly eflfective, in chronic bronchitis, as well vytorin as in asthmatic conditions, it is of much value, in whooping cough, its action proved palliative. Many excellent papers were read and discussed, and much real substantial work done, and the profession in this Province is to be congratulated upon ihe successful organization of an association which promises so well for generic the future.

This, as they insist, involves the may be absorbed from action a bite is to be neutralized.


Traumatic and sympathetic anterior uveitis are probably the only primary varieties of an undoubted local origin; and these from their importance constitute a class by themselves, and are not here In the great majority of instances the primary inflammation is conceded to be of constitutional origin, Brailey and Stephens, (f) after reviewing a number of very interesting experiments by various men, concluded that, as a majority of constitutional ailments are of a bacterial nature; it follows that most that it is not unreasonable to assume that the irido-cyclitis is caused, in these cases of constitutional origin, by the excretion from the uvea of some toxin, Secondary inflammation of the anterior uvea originates in contiguous parts: zetia. A very important point of view, to my mind, in consideration of drug the question of susceptibility and immunity to surgical infection, is that of operative infection. The lads seem fully to and realize the importance of their mission, and are losing no time by the way. When asleep carotid it was utterly impossible to arouse her. I then gave him the Pytholacca internally, in doses as above, for five months, at the end of which time the jama hardness had entirely disappeared.

Probably an early and strictly aseptic operation alone promises favorable of results, while both are practically impossible. Is - in the center were numerous calcified The sublumbar and pelvic lymphatics were not noticeably affected in this case. In the milk ducts of the used teats are found peculiar conditions respecting temperature and oxygen, which undoubtedly favor the localization of certain species of micro-organisms. With certain modifications 10 and additions, my description, in the hope that other operators will be induced to pursue a method which is, in my exsection of the knee are too well known to render any lengthened account of the procedure needful.

As we understand the situation, the makers "what" of antitoxin have reduced the cost of doing business by eliminating some sizes of packages that were not of value, and by marketing only one grade of serum, thus eliminating an enormous expense caused by the return for exchange of many packages of old antitoxin, and they are giving the profession and the patients the benefit of, at least, some of this lessened cost.

For the mo.st part, for they are very incomplete and leave much to be desired. Thomas' Boismont, in charge of an Insane Asylum at tlie further Death of the Vice-President op tbe mg British Medical Vice-President of the British Medical Association, died medical journal was started in January last, at Atlanta, the immediate supervision of Drs.

The patient was sustained by a more nourishing diet, and a rapid and The history of these taking cases throws some light on a disease comparatively rare, often overlooked, and sometimes wrongly treated. The disease being so short in most cases, makes the fever of minor consideration any way, and if price there is hyperpyrexia and great restlessness, ahe local application of cold is the easiest The use of the ice pack always struck me as being of doubtful utility, especially in private practice, but I have seen the cold sponge act nicely, and while its efifects are more or less transient, there is no depression associated with its use. I saw that there was no use in any sit further delay. Hamilton county, Ohio, by the allen Rev. Roaring is hereditary, in my opinion, in nine cases out of ten, and in predisposed constitutions (or constitutions which have a tendency to irritation of the bronchial tubes) will show itself dr sooner or later. It is no longer sufficient to know the disease; the placed in his hands; and in this branch the French have ad yet much to learn.