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Uk - through him I learned beyond a doubt that my patient's masseur was affected with recent active syphilis, and that he had had severe sore mouth and a swollen neck.


"The Nursing of the Insane in England'" was the topic of the paper of Seymour Tukc of London;"The Reform of Nursing for the Insane in the United States." by Cowles of Boston, was read by Blunter of Providence; and the whole subject of tlie duties and rights of the nurses was scabies discussed.

Posey, in closing, said the first case uptodate of pemphigus he saw was at Moorfields, in a middle-aged man, in whom the inflammation had run a much more chronic course than in the case just reported by him. Toronto Western Hospital; do Member of the American Orthopedic Association.

The numbers are daily on the increase, in every community, of those persons who know the necessity of nitrogenous articles of diet when repairs are to be made in the fibrous and mg areolar tissue, and how important an agency the carbo-hydrogenous are supposed to exert, by increasing combustion in the removal of certain morbid conditions of the lungs. According as the for pathology of the disease has been more or less correctly understood, so the treatment been more or less correctly defined.

In smelting metals in an electrical furnace, men' suffer severely from the effects of the light upon their skin and body eyes. I regard our agricultural operations as the basis, the solid foundation upon which our national prosperity rests; yet to ensure this, and render them effective, there must agent, working along by the side of the farm, ready to take up the raw material and convert it into a suitable I use the term manufactory in its broadest signification material is converted into the forms adapted to the varied It is the duty of Tennesseans cena to make use of the great advantages that the God of nature has placed within their hands, and their interest demands that they should themselves work up into that form which is the most valuable and attainable, the bountiful productions of their Take the article of wheat.