The success of which has so far attended us, even in the face of formidable opposition, gives us the surest indication of ultimate triumph.

On the anterior aspect of the forearm is a smaller discoid area, about the size of a silver dollar, covered with thin, papery scales, showing some broken hairs in and a number of follicular pustules. We expect our friends generally to interest is themselves personally in this matter, and obtain as many signatures as they conveniently can. The ordinary full diet contains fifteen user grams of salt, and this drives out of the organism quite twice this amount of sodium bromide. There may bs, through the irritation of growths, more or less hawking does and cough excited. The operative field being well protected by gauze, two traction sutures are passed over the site of the stone when possible, and the duct opened over the stone; it may have to be seized by forceps of various of appropriate shapes and curves: la.


This deformity is pathognomonic of gonorrhoea, for although there is an analogous dactylitis in Haygarth's "side" disease, in this all the fingers of the two hands are equally affected, while in the gonorrhoeal variety only one, two, or three of the fingers are involved. This report, the second of the author's series, is to be continued every year in order that the world may know exactly what picture this master of abdominal surgery is doing in his especial field. During labor insane patients often become actively maniacal, and are controlled with the greatest difficulty (decrease).

ISTauseants are employed for the same purpose, and for their sedative influence: effects.

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