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London; Physician for Diseases of Children, King's College Hospital; Assistant Physician, Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street MEDICAL DISEASES OF CHILDREN Surgeon, Western Ophthalmic Hospital Eye DISEASES Ophthalmic Surgeon (use).

Introduced by: LA PORTE COUNTY WHEREAS, many members of the LaPorte County Medical Society have either worked in the Michigan City prison medical department or have served as consultants and are aware of the medical needs of the inmates of the Michigan City prison; and, WHEREAS, the LaPorte County Medical Society has annually for the past nine years recommended to the state government through the state medical association the idea of organizing the medical care in the Department of Corrections in WHEREAS, a survey of the medical WHEREAS, the Indiana State Board of Corrections is responsible for the total care of all inmates under their supervision; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the LaPorte County Medical Society urges the Indiana State Medical Association to again recommend to the state government the establishment of a medical department within the Board of Introduced by: LA PORTE COUNTY cal Society has had some success, a great deal of cooperation from the pharmacists and a great deal of public relations with a moratorium on the prescribing of amphetamine drugs by the members; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the LaPorte bjc County Medical Society recommends to the Indiana State Medical Association that a statewide moratorium be established on the prescription of amphetamine drugs by their members except in the treatment of narcolepsy, hyperkineses and certain psychiatric problems. How does it work? A good question! How does one produce immunological tolerance to the H-Antigens of Salmonella? Or tolerance and immunity to the LCM virus? Can anything be more pertinent to the question of acceptance or rejection "ok" of transplants? It is quite heartening to know that we are learning the precise factors that must be matched in host and donor issues to assure acceptance.

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