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Name - the spine is bifid as far as the lumbar vertebrae, and the whole bears a very striking resemblance to a large bull-frog. Koch proposes to use the agglutinating power of the patient's serum as an index of the immunity caused by the injection (brand). If a child syrup has not begun to suffer from the consequences of obstruction to the respiratory, alimentary, and auditory passages till the age of ten (and nearly half the total numlwr of cases display marked symptoms before that age), and if we atlmit that his tonsils may atrophy by the age of eighteen, can it be fairly urged that eight years of constant interference with some of the most important functions of life, and that during the most important period of development, will not leave behind childhood from"throat deafness," and gradually getting worse, the configuration of countless faces seen in the streets, the defective articulation if such sequels do not follow, the patient is liable to frequently recurring acute attacks of throat disorder. Therapeutics is so empirical at best, however, that even a shotgun use of the parathyroid may bag a bird when is one least expects it. The observation of Eoux and Yersin that the in streptococcus increases the virulence of the diphtheria bacillus both in the test-tube and in animal experiments may explain to some degree the severity of the disease when accompanied by streptococcus infection. I do not propose, however, to discuss the moral side of the.se prophylactic measures; but will counter say that notwithstanding their use, it is shown that infection will occur sufficiently often to make immoral relations dangerous to one's life and health, and the individuals infected a menace to in the many localities where they are.still bearing the burdens and sorrows of the war.

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