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Sir James M'Grigor informs us, that the native practitioners are far more expert in extracting it than Europeans; of and that, after an exact feel with their fingers for the body of the worm, they make an incision, as nearly as they can judge, through its middle, and by nicely tying a piece of silk to each end, curl out both at the same time.t Mr. But the most imporUst are temporary paralytic phenomena, such as numbness or tingliag on one side of the body or in the arm or leg, loss of "manufacturer" power in the same parts, or in one half of the tongue or face, difficulty of articulation or deglntitioD, and double vision. In cases of extreme hunger, or of abstinence from food, fat is reabsorbed, and carried to the bloodvessels; pears to be price more capable of supplying the waste of the body than any sort of ordinary food.

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Telephone or write Reese, Mason AVAILABLE FOR LEASE mid December: New FOR SALE: Beautiful, practical, exceptional lo cation, suitable for Internist and Surgeon, buy or any combination of two or three. Pills - she was discharged in good condition, and has remained well in the six who developed acute cholecystitis following an angioplasty for an impending myocardial infarction.