Doctor Who K9 Prop For Sale - Dec 2010

K9 Cast Aluminium Badge K9 Printout K9 Extending Sensor K9 Nose Gun / Laser K9 Ears K9 Tail K9 Removable Side Cover K9 Extending Sensor K9 Illuminated Eyes K9 Tartan Collar and Dog Tag K9 Sarah Jane Adventures

Gallery and Specs

Full Size Doctor Who K9

Fibreglass K9 Replica

K9's body is a one piece GRP moulding with separate side panel (also GRP). The control panel on top and the VDU bezel are moulded separately in GRP and bonded into the main body. Inside the body there is an inset piece of plywood making a floor which allows easy fixing of additional internal components. K9's Head is a 2 piece GRP Moulding and can be opened for access in the same way as the BBC prop.

Doctor Who K9 Replica

Exhibition Quality

My K9 is currently a static prop (but was made with motorization in mind) and is illuminated. In my opinion, this prop looks good enough for exhibition (much better than some K9's I've paid to see in the past!) I welcome viewings and inspections of K9 for prospective buyers.

Doctor Who K9 Prop

K9's Bumpers

My K9's bumpers are made from rubber with a foam core

K9 Removable Side Cover

Removable Side Panel

The GRP side panel sits neatly in place and is easily removed by swinging the bottom of the panel outwards and then down. It stays in place without any catches, it simply sits snuggly in the rebates and the angles of the panel keep the bottom in place whereas two metal pegs keep the top edge in check.

K9 Illuminated Eyes

Illuminated Eye

K9's eye panel is made from translucent cast acrylic and is lit up with two standard flash light bulbs inside the head. Battery power and switching is situated within the body.

K9 Tartan Collar and Dog Tag

Collar, Tag and Handle Details

K9's collar is made from a screen correct tartan, he sports a blank name tag as per the original BBC prop. My K9 has only one handle like the early prop (I never liked the clutter of the extra two he had later). Ths handle is a custom made replica in steel reinforced cold cast aluminium, I can supply additional handles at extra cost if you feel you must have them!

K9 Printout

K9 Printout

I always intended to fit a receipt printer inside K9's head, although I never got around to it! But, like the original prop, I have made sure that my K9 has the slot in place for future functionality (slip of paper added just for the sake of the photo!)

K9 Nose Gun / Laser

Nose Laser / Gun

K9's nose gun is made in aluminium and moves smoothly back and forth along a guide with stops at both ends of it's travel. I agonised a long time about painting it black, but liked the aluminium look too much!

K9 Ears

Metal Ears

Made in steel and brass the ears freely rotate and the stems are long enough within the head to add gears and mechanisms for future motorisation. Again, I agonised about painting the base of these ears red as seen in the early prop, but in the end I chose to keep them silver!

K9 Sarah Jane Adventures


K9's bodywork is finished in a metallic silver as the per the early prop. If you wanted the K9 & Co look, you would need to give an additional coat of blue lacquer, for the School Reunion look you'll need to add blue lacquer and then dirtydown the edges with 'rust paint'
I'll supply K9's new owner with a little pot of the correct silver paint for future touch-ups

K9 Tail

K9 Tail

Made from a three part aluminium tube terminating in a welded steel ring. The tail enters the body through a custom moulded rubber grommit which bears the K9 logo. The tail is fully articulated, but not presently powered.

K9 Extending Sensor

K9's Sensor #1

A custom cast 'sucker' is moulded directly to an extendable antenna fitted into the head. The sensor can be extended and retracted by hand.

K9 Extending Sensor

K9's Sensor #2

If K9's new owner would like me to mould a 'sensor sucker' to an electrically operated antenna at some point in the future, I would be happy to come to an arrangement.

K9 Cast Aluminium Badge

K9 Badge

Accurately replicated and placed. Polishable, made in cold cast aluminium.

K9 Inside

Inside K9

K9 has no inner workings at present, but there's plenty of space to fit some! The head is attached by a aluminium rod pivoted on a fixed steel bracket. The VDU screen is made of clear perspex with a simple grey sheet of card giving colour to the screen from behind. I had always intended to fit a LED screen to the inside of the window giving a real display, but again, this would be in the hands of the new owner.

K9 Moulded Rebate

Side Panel Rebate

One of the trickiest parts of moulding this K9 was the creation of the rebate which allows the side panel to fit snugly and neatly into place. Many replica K9's do not have a removable side panel, and out of those that do, most don't build in a proper rebate leaving a gappy or floppy panel.

K9 Professional Quality Prop

K9's rubber neck

I was determined not to use tumble dryer hose for K9's neck! I can't bear the look of a skinny neck on a K9, hopefully I got mine right :) The creation of this custom moulded rubber neck was the single most difficult part of this project but I feel that the final look was worth the effort.

K9 Nose

Openable Head

Two screws at the nose and one at the back of the head, and you can lift the lid of K9's head. This gives the ability to service bulbs. In the future, you could add workings to ears, sensor, nose gun, printer and speaker for voice. It's very rare to see a K9 for sale with an openable head! It took a lot of work to mould in flanges and guides and keep the look of the head right.

K9 Control Panel

K9's Control Panel

All 'buttons' are fixed and illuminated by ultra bright LEDs. When the panel is switched on, the two large red panels light constantly while the 'buttons' flash on and off in a random sequence.

Full Size K9 Robot Dog FOR SALE

Good Dog

I hope that someone will love my K9 as much as I have. It'll be sad to see him go, but it's time for us to move on.

Remember, a robot dog is not just for Christmas...