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Two forms are distinguished: (a) Spleno medullary leukemia, in which the spleen is greatly enlarged and elements derived from the bone-marrow (myelocytes) are chiefly increased in number, (b) Lymphatic leukemia, in which the lymphglands especially are enlarged and the blood shows an increase of lymphocytes, the elements derived from the lymph-glands (desconto). They may be purchased in sets (boston). Reracking - he rendered lasting service to the Colorado Ophthalmological Society, as one of Its founders, as its very efficient secretary for two years, and as a constant attendant of its meetings. Bailey stressed the value of keeping an accurate check on the time which has elapsed from the onset of the emergency, and he advocated that one person in the operating room be delegated at once to be the time-keeper and to call off the parches passing minutes.

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Hogs confined in filthy pens are frequently so badly infested with lice and intestinal nuclear worms that their health and thriftiness are seriously interfered with.

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