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Any zinc which might be present remains in solution; in fact, we have made use of this method for separating quantitatively considerable amounts of zinc from small amounts of copper, or vice versa (directions). Farr says of the diseases of this class:" They distinguish one country from another, one year from another; they have formed epochs in chronologj'; and, as Niebuhr has shown, have influenced the fate, not only of cities such as Athens and Florence, but of empires; they decimate armies, disable fleets; they take the lives of criminals that justice has not condemned; they redouble the dangers of crowded hospitals; they infest the habitations of the poor, and strike the artisan in his strength down from generic comfort into helpless poverty; they carry away the infant from its mother's breast, and the old men at the end of life; but their direst eruptions are excessively fatal to men in the prime and vigor of age." This last statement is not exactly in harmony with Spencer's" sweeping away by pestilence tens of thousands of unhealthy livers;" or the" weeding out those of lowest development." Dr. Thus we sec that each of these four ganglia has three roots, a motor, a sensory and The superficial origin of the seventh nerve (Plate CLXXXVII) is in the upper part side of the groove between the olivary and restiform bodies of the medulla oblongata. Subclavian artery and effects descends on the neck of the first two ribs to supply the first two intercostal spaces. The left side was paralyzed immediately after the accident, and and has remained so ever since. Nolting, Indianapolis, is to be requested to act as chairman of of arrangements for the Fifty-Year Club reception, and Dr.

Every case must be treated on its merits, after a careful Dilatation of the sphincter may not, in a surgical sense, be worthy the name" operation." If such is the case, I advise the" family doctor" to appropriate it, for, with the multiplied and multiplying specialties devoted to diseases affecting all organs and tissue between the fields of the alienist and chiropodist, inclusive, there is very limited territory in which he may practice: price. The result was that in less than three days the patient was again busy in the fields, and owing to the position intercourse of the injury the sutures cut through, the wound gaped and became inflamed and painful. Tj Probably when more is known as to its mode of tiooeans, with less risk of harm, vs than is the case at; im present.

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