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Accumulation of urine and in the pelvis of the kidney, after mechanical or dynamic retention (stone in the bladder, or in the ureter), likewise produces pyelitis as a result of the decomposition of the urine.


Medical and moral means of cure became habitually neglected or forgotten; or, if tried at all, were abandoned in despair, llestraints, and restraints only, daily resorted to, were felt by many of the patients, even the least exposed to such personal" annoyance, as so many acts of injustice; and in many cases produced exasperation, and led to the increase of disorderly conduct and violence, and the general degradation of the character, mamier, and language of the patients and of the attendants (mg). The production of uric acid ivf was a deep chemical problem, but that the effects upon the genitourinary tract were mechanical.

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In fact, peritonitis can cost be diagnosed in horses only in certain cases.