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This paper was much appreciated, and will doubtless have a tendency to further the good fellowship existing between the State Board of Health and our Association: valerate.

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Irish Moss; the matter obtained by boiling cream carrageen moss; CARRON OIL. Was - tubercular deT)osits in the coats of the bowels are found in cattle in tlie form of nodules varying in size from a pin's head to a hempseed on the inner surface of the peritoneum (Niklas), and in pigs in the forms forms known as scrofula or caseous enterites. A horse dies of colic and a cow from neglect (hair). These different operations should be under the europe direction of a veterinarian. The hydrocyanic or prussic acid, in doses of four minims, two or three times a fertility day, has occasionally also subdued the irritability, though in a few instances it has produced more mischief than it has removed. A' ist the clots presented a reticulated fibrinou like axis.

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Frank Semple, Treasurer, was upon, motion, accepted and ordered to be Auditing Committee, reported that the Treasurer's account had been examined and found correct, and a certificate to that purchase effect had been made by the Committee.


In one handsome octavo volume; LECTURES ON THE DISEASES OF INFANCY can AND CHILD HOOD.

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