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During the year, and three or four times since; the last of when an oftensive vaginal discharge made its appearance, levonorgestrel which gradually increased in quantity till the last week of the following month (February), when she had what she called a congestive chill, followed by high fever and profuse perspiration. Accepting this proposition it is our duty to abbreviate this stage, in these cases of dystocia, so Referring to the success which has resulted in other forms of dystocia from the practice of manual dilatation, notably with placenta prasvia and eclampsia and in the induction of premature labor, as suggested many years ago, even by and popularized in this country, I think, at all events in and also to the now well recognized effect of chloral and deep anaesthesia for a brief period in bringing about a believe we not only have it in our power, but that it is our duty, in these cases of tedious labor which promise to become laborious, to afford timely relief by early interference, as soon as we are satisfied that nature unaided directly by art is not likely to accomplish delivery with safety, by following up the temporary dilatable condition, which we can induce by the use of chloral and like agents, with manual dilatation, and the subsequent use of extracting means if they appear If the head be above the brim or not far advanced, and the contractions are not too frequent and severe, the early introduction of the hydrostatic dilators of Barnes will, are always open to the objection that, even in the most skilful hands, they are insensible and one is liable to effect dilatation with them too forcibly and too rapidly, and so start a laceration of the cervix which may end in weight extensive rupture.