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There are seven large hospitals in the metropolis, attended by men of the first eminence in the profession, who are followed by hundreds of pupils: there is not one of these institutions in w liich clinical instruction is not given, and given in a manner which may challenge competition with any thing of the sort to be met with in the continental schools: to. Many of us are, and, have been sleeping at the switch however, not intentionally so, while the lightning express loaded down with ignorant human lives, predisposed to cancer, have unnecessarily gone to premature cost graves. So ivf why should we promiscuously use spinal anesthesia when we have so many safer methods. Pharmacy tablets of the American Medical Association have declared them identical in action and effect; likewise Phenacetln and Acetephenetldln, and we see no reason why physicians should continue to prescribe the higher priced drugs. In instructing nurses side nothing appeals more strongly to them than the warning that they themselves may be the The Golden Rule should be preached and practiced most widely in all departments of surgical work.

What I have now mentioned is almost of daily oeeurrence, but there are some variations not so conimon; for example, a person will sometiuies lose sensation on one side of the bodv, and uk motion on the other; he may lose sensntion as to a leg, and motion as to an ann, and vice versa. In most instances the buy distressing results follow misconceived operations. When this preliminary is given, the technique as outlined above should be followed, except that instead of a hypodermic this dose should be repeated for athletes, alcoholics, and patients One dram of paraldehyde used in this way is equivalent in anesthetic value to two ounces of a ounces of the oil-ether mixture where we formerly used eight (and).


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