Many of you are familiar with the headache which is apt to accompany constipation; some of vou may know from experience the sense of nausea, or of goneness in the region of the stomach, which occurs (in some people) on looking down from a great height; a few of you may know that many cases of seasickness are caused by the habit of watching the horizon rise and fall with the roll of the ship, and that closing the eyes or turning the back to the sea will prevent such seasickness: side. Some other drugs "ivf" are being used, the majority of ( which are preparations containing arsenic, which' has been used for a long time in the treatment of i syphilis, chiefly in the form of Fowler's solution and Donovan's solution, hut only for alterative effects. When the eruption fades, and the other symptoms decline, defervescence occurs: benefits.

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The contagia are removed by the common process of washing with soap and savings hot water, by beating, shaking, brushing, and rubbing surfaces with damp cloths or soap and water, all which are simply ordinary operations in domestic cleansing. Gave ninety grains of tablets bromide of potassium in divided doses, in three hours.

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