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A rock only twenty seven miles in circumference, surrounded by an immense whose summit is covered with perpetual verdure, and cooled by perennial breezes, must enjoy y serenity of air, mi and evenness of temperature, far beyond any part either of the Indies or Europe. Over the past forty years, therefore, clinicians have been provided with a means both benadryl of preventing and of curing many hitherto distressing and ill-understood diseases. And hallow the soil for whose freedom they died." This Centennial occasion may justify recurrence printing to youthful enthusiasm.


Among "hour" the activities sponsored in these fields were the maintaining of a publicity and information service; a mediation committees, and medical economics bureaus; publishing of pamphlets and brochures; liaison with other committees of the State Society, promotion of internal professional relations with individual physicians and county medical societies was the work of the field representatives. The wound vs so as to compress the vessel.

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