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Both Captain Adams and the Medical Inspector Doctor Alfred and his staff would be suitable for our classes: of. About ten years later the patient between came to my office, told me that he had had half a dozen recurrences, each one less severe than the previous one and each one treated in the same way, and that for the past four or five years he had been entirely free and that since then he had been in perfect health.

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These procedures included blood cultures, bacteriological examinations of feces in suspected typhoid and dysentery cases, microscopical examinations of stools for parasites and ova, routine blood examinations, and the examination of throat cultures, sputum, and "cost" miscellaneous smears. Each district is provided with an official veterinary surgeon, to whom all cases of contagious disease must be reported, and this official is empowered with the proper patch authority for enforcing the law. With mammals the gangrene attacks the lower part of one or several limbs, the ears or the tail; these parts become red as if they were the seat of an erysipelatous inflammation; the color changes to violet, to blue, or to black; they become mummified and detached when the convulsive paroxysm has not destroyed life before the completion of the work of elimination: best.