A large number of these cases should never be submitted to the surgeon's knife, but should utilize remedies essentially non-surgical in character, and which, while slower and less brilliant in their immediate efifects, are nevertheless more certain and satisfactory in their My observation has led me to believe that the opponents of non-surgical measures, and especially to electro-gynecology, have been among those who have really never taken the time, nor trouble to become past grandmasters in this field: tablets. Perineum inflammation following an operation performed buy in South Africa; uterus retroverted, adherent, chronic iutlammalion of left ovurv and tube.

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Vide, also, Murchison's CUnical Lectures on Diseases of loratadine the Liver, etc. Bryant, of dog Guy's Hospital, in the case of the pulmonary orifice.


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A comparison of the aortic and pulmonic second sound is not less useful in the cases in Avhich mitral lesions are shown safety to exist by the mitral direct or the mitral regurgitant murmur.

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