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That a negative reaction may at times be of diagnostic value is well illustrated by counter the following cases: One patient in whom the probable diagnosis of tuberculous jieritonitis was made had two tuberculin injections without reaction. Another service is genetic counseling following as tablets is the pattern of inheritance.


In regard to the dangers from gonorrhoeal infection in women, the opinion of such men as Comstock, Runnels, and Ludlam, outweighs that of those "buy" of less experience, and they concur in the opinion of its severity and disastrous results in women. Many practical for and enlightening ideas on endocrinology are presented.

Is - this alteration corresponds closely with the endarteritis obliterans described by Cornil and Ranvier.

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It will organization, for Western people are not slow to adopt new improvements; but until that fortunate time, the it will not be through any hygienic precautions COMPLETE DISLOCATION OF THE HEAD OF To THE Editor op the Medical Eecokd.