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" Uosttm fBrtucal antt Surgical Journal Tee Editors desire to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the opening number of a new year and volume to express their thanks to the profession for the support given them during the past twelve months in their efforts to improve the standing and circulation of the Journal (2mg). In recent times less and purchase less heed has been paid to drug-treatment, and more attention has been given to diet and general hygienic environment. In ulcers of the prepuce, which are ireland out of sight, after irrigating, a little starch flour is introduced. One has only to visit different parts and mingle with the men to appreciate that everywhere good work is being done, everywhere an earnest desire to elevate the standard of education, and everywhere the same self-sacrificing devotion on the part of is the general practitioner. Their effects directions vary with their height, extension, abruptness, quality, and amount of vegetation; and with presence or absence of snow and glaciers. See Pigments, Colors, who or that which online adjusts. By Dysentery "ivf" and its Homoeopathic Treatment.