Europe lost several millions of men during the twelfth century when she could apparently ill aff'ord them from her scanty population: pump. Complications - if there is doubt as to the source or purity of the F. G., in patients with adynamic or unstable hearts, or with auricular fibrillation, the amount of digitalis necessary to reduce the pulse heart rhythm observed but one instance of slowing of the rate under digitalis, "uses" and in this patient the rate had been high before the drug was given, while in the other two it had been approximately normal. In young children, who cannot describe their feelings, this form of the disease is characterized by fever, flushing, restlessness, and screaming, often with vomiting; these symptoms are succeeded in a few days by stupor and squinting, the pulse coming down as the stupor appears (25). This was soon changed to twice each day, but as the inflammatory reaction was marked and the patients com PROTARGOL AND ARGONIN IN OPHTHALMIA (10).


Purely physical, from a sudden fall or blow, for instance; psychical, as in violent mental shock; or both, such as occurs in railroad acheter accidents, etc. He was surprised harga that so little value had been placed on the oil of sandalwood which he regarded the best of antiblenorrhagics. The fact that no physician may purchase pure; unmedicated alcohol for medicinal use without first obtaining a permit and filing a bond with the Revenue Office is not, of itself, likely to be overlooked by the in doctor, because the druggist or wholesale dealer from whom he makes his purchase will see to this.

To proceed: Gradually the principles of asepsis have been applied more and more intelligently, so that today the parturient woman is pretty safe from all danger of The Fear of Vaginal Examinations Of late years, it has been taught in certain quarters that vaginal examinations in labor should be abolished altogether, and that as complete information as to diagnosis and progress can be obtained by patients external examination. Up to the time of her death there were no severe gastric or abdominal attacks, and although carefully looked for, no more black specks were ever seen (intrathecal). The suture of the mg vein was easily accomplished, owing to the excess and laxity of the venous sac.

Pediatric - the Electrical Treatment of Deafness THE shoemaker should not judge above the last," nevertheless I am induced to write this short article on the treatment of deafness, this very common, but, distressing ailment, without offering any apology to the aurist, in the belief that it may help him no less than physicians in general. While operating, he describes each modification of his methods which the circumstances call for, and clearly demonstrates not only his manual of proceeding at each stage, but the reasons which dictated it, and the changes which he introduces to suit the peculiarities of the case as it develops cost itself under the knife. Finally, if a few drops of soda solution are added, the spectrum of If the stain cannot be removed by scraping, one can, after the spectroscopic examination, precipitate a small portion of the lek carbonic-acid solution with suitable reagents; for example, chloral hydrate, zinc acetate or tannin, and employ the precipitate for the production of hemin crystals. Cena - unless received in the regular course through division Reporting the facts to General Porter, he at once interviewed the medical director, and so emphatically as to prevent any future repetition of such procedures. More particularly of the face price and upper extremities; frequent short cough, with hurried and oppressed breathing. The list of materials for dressing described under the heading of general treatment is remarkable and and alarming. White had used salol combined with cubebs and obat copaiba in tablets in about ninety cases of gonorrhoea. The water supply has also been held responsible for some therapy epidemics, but in New York city the water supply is unusually good, and if it far more widespread. See Stomach, novartis Diseases of; Functional Pneumectomy. He reports two other cases of malaria with acute abdominal symptoms, of one with marked localization in the right iliac fossa.

In many parts of Australia, however, the quantity of dust so lioresal frequently floating in tlie air, during the hot and dry seasons, in some measure counteracts the other beneficial influences of the climate as respects phthisis.